Desert Phoenix Writers Group


Here are websites that can provide useful information from everything to developing writing to getting published.  Also here are several contests people can enter for cash prizes!


Writer's Digest - Website is good for articles about writing and how to write the way agents want you to!

Fiction Factor - A nice little website, specializing in short stories, also has a section on recent scams.

Internet Writing Workshop - a great source for practice sessions, critiquing help, writing prompts, ect.

Writer's Weekly - A helpful writing website.

Help A Publisher Publish You (Happy)  -  Join this website's e-mail listing, and you will be alerted when agents are looking specifically for your type of writing!

Imagined Interprises - Publishing company looking for fantasy series (3 books or more of around 120K words, must be unsolicited (without an agent).

Overnight Prints - A great resource for marketing once you have a book created.  I use this website to make my postcards and bookmarks.  They are always having sales to reduce the price per item.

Vista Prints - This is what I use for created business cards, which is a great way for people you've met to reference you later!!  You get like 500 for $10!


I'm going to list articles here that are good "things to know" about writing".  I will link to the direct websites to give them credit.

25 Things You Should Know About Character 

Copyright Myths 

Comprehensive FAQ About Query Letter Writing