Desert Phoenix Writers Group

Member's Spotlight

Here is where you can learn more about individual members and their works!




Alexandra Livingston - Facilitator - Fantasy Author, local to Kingman, has published three novels thus far, takes part  in many Mohave County Library functions including a Creative Writing Workshop!

Joan Mobley & Grace Ware - A mother and daughter team that enjoy writing elementary school adventure stories!

Stephanie Ciofalo - Member of the River Writer's Group in Bullhead as well as DPWG and has published a few stories in the anthology Birth of a Unicorn and is currently working towards publishing her first fantasy novel tentatively titled "Gilded Shadows".  Also a wonderful resource as a geologist!!

Beau Jackson - A short story enthusiast, no one describes darkness and angst better than him!

Patricia Shelton - Author and active member of the Kingman Filmmaker's Group.

Judi Flanagan - Author of Don't Play with Fyre, a wonderful fantasy young adult novel.

JC Amberlyn - photographer for the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper and avid artist, writer of three how to draw books. 

Peggy Ellis - an up and coming novelist with a little bit of everything to share. 

Shannon Grosz - a very talented writing, preparing his first science fiction/fantasy novel for self publishing! 

Jennifer Nellett - A new novelist, big fan of the Harry Potter Series, as well as the Chronicles of Narnia, but most especially Karen Kingsbury!